Why do you need inversion therapy?

Traditional medicines and invasive surgery are often recommended for the treatment of back pain. This type of therapy can be really painful, and it requires numerous months for full recovery. If you want a reliable and comparatively easy option for your back pain, you can get the advantage of inversion therapy. The inversion therapy can slowly and significantly decompress the spinal column and enable herniated disc to shift back in its appropriate place. For easy and convenient inversion therapy, the best inversion table under $100 is available on the market. Image result for inversion table

The table is designed with two important components, such as a comfortable bed mounted on the adjustable boom and A-frame for maximum support. The back and bed support offer maximum comfort. The tables come with detachable pillows for lumbar region, neck, and head. With the use of an inversion table, you can enjoy the following benefits.

Enhanced Joint Health

If you are unable to include high-impact exercises and running to your fitness plan, you will feel the strain on the joints during your day-to-day movements. With the help of regular sessions of inversion therapy on best inversion table under $100, you can refute the effects of compression. It can effectively reverse the force on the back while exercising, sitting and standing.

Expand Your Spine

Inversion therapy can reduce the pressure on internal disc in the lumbar discs and around your back. The traction load of almost 60% of your body weight can expressively decrease the remaining pressure exerted on the lower back while standing.

Increase Circulation of Blood

It is an important benefit of inversion therapy. As you invert, the brain will get newly oxygenated blood. It is quite similar to Shirshasana posture of yoga. By moving your body to an inversion position, even for 10 to 15 minutes, intravenous blood flow will be encouraged back up from the pelvis and legs to your heart before pumping it through your lungs.

Decrease Your Pulse Rate

The best inversion table under $100 will make inversions easy. The regular inversion sessions will reduce your pulse rate. You can nourish your spinal discs and recover easily from a high-intensity workout. It will help you to correct the spinal alignment and stretch your muscles for the post and pre workout to avoid the risk of injury.

If you are looking to buy the best table under $100, you can consider the inversion tables of Teeter Hang Ups. These special tables are designed with unique features, such as the padded backrest, neck rest, and ankle support. Make sure to consider the height and weight capacity of an inversion table before purchasing it. The table should conveniently support your body. Check the stability and frame of the unit. Inversion tables with rubber stoppers offer maximum stability and support. The Innova ITX9700 Inversion table is designed with memory foam and lumbar pad for cold and hot compresses. Some models come with extra-long handles to allow a secure grip during your inversion sessions. With elongated handles, you can perform numerous exercises.

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