The best ways to Clean A Chandelier

If you have a lovely crystal chandelier at someplace in your house, you may have seen that it is susceptible to collecting dust and cobwebs which, when it does, the crystals loose a few of their shimmer and appear dull. Fortunately, the days of needing to totally loosen your chandelier and remove each crystal separately for cleaning are over.

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You will need to identify whether you will need alternative lighting for the period of the clean (as you will not be able to turn the chandelier on whilst you are cleaning it). You will likewise need to ensure that the chandelier has been turned off (place a piece of tape over the button to avoid somebody from unintentionally turning the chandelier on whilst you are cleaning it) which the worlds are cool.

Next, cover the light bulbs so that you do not harm them whilst cleaning the chandelier. You can do this in a number of ways:

– Pop a plastic sandwich bag over each world and protect with elastic band.

– Slip an old baby sock over each world, ensuring it fits comfortably.

– Cover each world in plastic bubble wrap and protect with an elastic band or piece of tape.

You will likewise need to place a ground cloth or tarpaulin below the chandelier to avoid your flooring from becoming grime-covered or unclean. One can get complete info in this post on modern chandelier.


Buy a special crystal chandelier cleaner from a lighting seller, or blend your very own service together – one part isopropyl alcohol or ammonia contributed to 3 parts water suffices. Put this option into a spray bottle. Spray every part of your chandelier with the option, however attempt to prevent wiring and other electrical parts (as water can trigger them to short circuit).

Leave your chandelier to leak dry (this is where the ground cloth can be found in helpful!), which may take a couple of hours. If you feel that your chandelier is too filthy for this cleaning technique (significance that the dust will simply be left streaky rather of totally removed), you can clean each individual crystal with the isopropyl alcohol and water option.

Once your chandelier has entirely dried, you can remove the sandwich bags or socks or whatever you have used to secure the worlds. You can dip a soft fabric into the isopropyl alcohol service and offer them a fast clean if your worlds are looking a little dirty themselves. You will then need to let these parts entirely dry (it is best to leave it over night) before turning the chandelier on once again.

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