Uncover the Splendor of South Lombok

In general when traveling Lombok you need to consume a lot of liquid (water and fresh fruit juices) to avoid dehydration. It’s certainly better to consume bottled water. Even yet in resorts it is better never to drink right from the tap. Ice in drinks, however, is normally not just a problem. Use wise practice when selecting a destination for a eat. Consume in recognized restaurants which are clear, and if you’re seeking the hawkers in the road adhere to these maybe not offering meat until your system is effectively adjusted.
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If you’re using prescription drugs bring a ample supply. Pharmacies (apoteks) often may fulfill a prescription nevertheless the dose might not be really just like your doctor has prescribed paket wisata lombok. Quickly take care of any cuts or burns – do not risk illness in this heat and humidity.

You can trade many key earth currencies (cash or traveler’s cheques) easily into Indonesian Rupiah. All resorts present currency exchange but at less positive trade rates. It is most beneficial to alter your cash while still in the “tourist area” before visiting south, key or east Lombok. In these places you will find neither income changers nor bank card cost opportunities available!

In tourist areas (Senggigi or Gili Trawangan) and in the money Mataram there are several “authorized” income changers available. If you decide on to deal with a income changer – here are a couple of factors value remembering. First, the rate posted on the doorway generally is for amounts in records of USD 100 – reduced denominated notes (i.e. USD 50) will be given a less positive rate.

Validate the trade calculation next (ask to utilize the calculator or carry your own) and count your change before you leave the window. Last but most certainly not least, prepare yourself, if you’re cashing traveler’s cheques you should provide your passport for recognition and many money changers do not take cash notes which have been defaced – or are within just near mint condition. The state change rate is everyday published in most key newspapers. Also, costs that are also good to be correct – usually look out for.

Charge cards are acknowledged at better eateries and stores (tourist areas). But bear in mind, most suppliers put an extra 3 – 5 % in your bill for the benefit of using plastic. You don’t have to just accept that: You’re perhaps not planning to obtain everywhere arguing with the shopkeeper but if you intend to understand this surcharge right back make sure the dealer or cafe produces it down as an additional cost for using the card and then declare it from your regular billing.