Are Prefabricated Granite Counters Still Natural Granite?

If you should be buying wonderful, sturdy and somewhat less expensive option to granite counters, you then won’t make a mistake with choosing prefabricated granite. However, just because they price a little less doesn’t mean that it’s not granite. Fairly, prefab granite counters are marble; they’ve only been produced from slabs of marble that have been pre-cut and refinished in a main manufacturer and then delivered to a vendor to be sold.
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These prefabricated granite surfaces are very popular while they let homeowners who hope to have marble counters in their house, but want to save lots of income have all the beauty of granite for less. In fact, one can get yourself a 2’x 8’x 3/4″ slab of prefab for about $300. But the cost is only one reasons why persons choose prefabricated granite counters; listed below are some of the other factors therefore several homeowners are choosing prefabricated stone:

One of many factors this kind of countertop are cheaper is basically because the dealer does not have to cost as much for labor whilst the parts have previously been prepped and finished. Installment fees are decrease with prefabricated counters. Prefabricated stone has most of the durability, motion, weight and splendor of granite AA Marble and Granite Lilburn. Obviously, that means that the care and preservation wants are exactly the same, as well.

You are certain to discover a counter sure to generally meet your needs and room style as there are a good amount of types and dimensions that to select. Like whole slab stone countertops, prefabricated can add to the value of your home. Since applying prefabricated stone tables suggests getting specific dimension before getting, it takes less time to install, helping you save on work fees as well.

Prefabricated marble tables frequently come with an attached backsplash, which, with custom stone, would need to be obtain separately. Prefabricated counters have a special finish put on them that safeguards and retains the stone’s surface, hence further defending your investment. However, like most things in life, there are several disadvantages to having prefabricated stone counters, and it’s a good idea to contemplate these if thinking about applying prefabricated granite. These disadvantages contain the next:

Prefab granite tables aren’t available the wide selection of colors that granite is available in, but odds are, you will be able to get something you love. There are a restricted number of installment options so when you have a peculiar shaped place or have splays and curves then you might find it’s essential to use standard countertops. With prefab stone counters, you don’t get to pick from a variety of side finishes as they are all uniform-this part of what gives with their less expensive!

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